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"Boston's Best Discounter"
Centre Ski & Bike
We debated over calling ourselves
Centre Ski & Board & Bike.
You'll know why when you visit our
Snowboard Department...
Almost 200 boards on the floor to pick from
GREAT SELECTION & PRICES - That's why we're listed in "Mr. Cheap's Boston." No, we don't carry 12 brands, but we bet we've got the perfect snowboard for you.
CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES - Buy new, buy used, rent by the day, or lease a snowboard by the season, for kids and adults alike.
TOP-SHELF BACKSHOP - We have got a great Backshop to renovate your board. We've got "refresh" and "re-new" maintenance options for your deck. Our Riekmann edger and Grind-Rite tuner will leave your board sharp with a beautifully finished base. Hot wax and buff is done by our Wintersteiger Wax-Jet snowboard finisher. Our Parts Department stocks repair pieces for most hurt bindings.
TRADE-INS - Are always welcome.
EVERYTHING FOR THE COMPLEAT RIDER - Including helmets, stomps, board tools, locks, leashes, edgers, and wax.
VISIT OUR CLOTHING PAGE - to see our jackets and pants.
VISIT OUR ACCESSORIES PAGE - to see our selection of car racks.
K-2  ٭  Ride ٭ Snowjam
5150  ٭  Zuma  ٭ Spice

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Snowboards for Every Need

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